Humbug- Rod "YPD" Long

Vice- Jason "Depends" Ferenz

Recorder- Kenny "Gator Breath" Prince Jr.

Gold Dust- Joe "Know it All" Murphy

DFDK1- Michael "Supe The Hitcher" Hoyt

DFDK2- Danny "Bluenose" Mayes

Hangman- Ronnie "Shooter" Lewis

Mother Mucker- Ted "Trembles" Carlson

Ass Mucker- Noah "Gingy" Dykes

Clamp Chef- Mike "Goat" Brown

Parade Marshall- Ted "Trembles" Carlson

Jack of All Trades- Ryan "Pepper" Brown



2011 - Mark "Chip" Sasville

2012 - Jeffrey "Oops" Winn

2013 - John "Fatboy" Nagle

2014 - Tim "Seasick" Fisher

2015 - Tony "MMB" Hill 

2016 - Mark "Lost Boy" Saseville XXNGH